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GROW Powered by Operation 36

Our GROW Program is focused on building from the ground up. It is intended for our youngest beginners, generally those ages 3 to 8. We work on all aspects of the game, starting on the putting green and working up to the full swing. We may be teaching golf skills, but the game inherently also teaches things like integrity, honesty, friendship, manors, determination, perseverance, motor skills and countless other virtues and lessons that any parent would find important. Plus, it’s a lot of FUN! (Recommended Ages 3 - 8)

GROW+ Powered by Operation 36

The GROW+ program was incorporated into our offerings in 2019 and was built from the same mold as our GROW program. The biggest difference is more of a focus on beginners ages 9-12 and more intermediate younger golfers below age 9. We focus on the little things and work to mold a golf swing and overall game that our golfers can use to move on into some of our other programs with! (Recommended Ages 9 - 12)

GROW TEEN Powered by Operation 36

The GROW TEEN program was incorporated into our offerings in 2021 and was built from the same mold as our GROW program. The biggest difference is more of a focus on beginners and intermediate golfers ages 13-18. We focus on all aspects of the game in a way that is more geared towards older kids. (Recommended Ages 13 - 18)


Our GOALS Program is our way of giving EVERYONE the great gift of golf, especially those with special needs. With our GOALS Program we focus on all aspects of the game. We switch it up every week, so students get to work on all the different aspect of golf. This program was designed to help make the game more inclusive for children with special needs, ages 3 and up. Children can gain so very much through their participation in the game. We feel strongly that each child deserves the right to take part. We see no labels in golf. Because of this, we have expanded our efforts to make golf inclusive of every child regardless of what labels society at large may put on them. (Recommended Ages 3 – 18+)

Linksters ELITE

The Linksters ELITE program was incorporated into our offerings in 2020 and was built with more advanced golfers, ages 13 and up in mind. This program covers the game in a more advanced way and is presented in a group setting for kids that have been playing awhile and may be looking to play competitively or that already do. (Recommended Ages 12 - 18). An ALL NEW Elite coming in 2023. Details to come.

Linksters PLAY Powered by Operation 36

Linksters PLAY is exactly what it sounds like! In conjunction with the national, Operation 36 program, Linksters PLAY is designed to get kids course time, but in a productive and educational way! Each golfer starts from 25 yards on each hole in week 1 and their goal is to shoot a 36 for the round. If they do indeed shoot that 36, they move back to the next distance of 50 yards…if they don’t shoot 36 or better, and still need some work from 25 yards, they will remain at 25 yards until they “pass.” This program is geared towards any ability level, as long as they have the basics of golf down, such as grip, stance, alignment and a general understanding of the swing. Not necessarily recommended for brand new golfers. (Recommended Ages 7 - 18)

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program is designed for young ladies ages 7 to 17 that either love the game or are interested in giving golf a try! Presented in a fun and exciting way, we aim to offer activities that are social, interesting and above all, FUN for all our young female participants! (Recommended Ages- girls 7 to 17)

PGA Junior League Golf

PGA Jr. League exists to bring communities together through fun, team golf experiences… plus those experiences that transcend golf itself, like friendships that last for years to come or a newfound sense of confidence. Junior League Golf launched as a pilot program in 2011, with teams competing in four select markets: Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, and San Diego. In 2012, PGA Jr. League Golf saw close to 2000 participants on over 120 teams in more than 20 select markets. Little Linksters joined PGA Junior League in 2012 with about a dozen kids. Fast forward to 2021, and we boasted nearly 50 players on 3 teams at two locations, our Wekiva Golf Club location and our Redtail Golf Club location. (Recommended ages- 13U, ages 5-13, 17U, ages 13-17)

PGA Junior Camps

PGA Junior Golf Camps are golf enrichment programs designed exclusively for the development of the junior golfer. Camps welcome boys and girls of all athletic abilities, golf experience, and competitive desire. There are nearly 180 PGA Junior Golf Camp locations nationwide at select locations. We offer camps at our Wekiva Golf Club and Redtail Golf Club academy locations and are among a select group of about a dozen PGA Jr. Camp locations in Florida. With half and full day options, for all abilities and ages 5-17, we have options for most kids looking to play! (Recommended Ages 5 - 17)